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March 2015 "Let's Talk"   Issue #131



How did it get to be March so fast?  Do you realize that the 50th Reunion was five months ago?  I guess the “speed of life” does really move a lot faster, as we get older!  Oh well, before you know it we will be planning for another Reunion!

By this time, those of you who ordered a Memory Book should have them.  If you are having any problems with your order, let me know and I will give you a little assist from this end.  Max did a awesome job putting that book together... Thanks, Max.  I’m sure, for those of you that have received your Memory Book, you have looked through it numerous times.  Great pictures and memories!

The weather has been pretty crazy with many of our Classmates.  To those of you that have. (over the last month or two), had rain, sleet, wind, snow, and extremely cold temperatures, for long periods of time, our thoughts and prayers are with you.  My son, Mike and daughter, Stevie live in Virginia and have been being hammered with snow and sub zero temperatures for weeks!  Here in Las Vegas we have been truly blessed with above average, (70 and 80 degrees), over the last three weeks.  It has been like the start of Summer in February.  The one bad thing is ever piece of flora and fauna is coming out and we have major allergy problems in the Valley.  I hope you and yours are all okay.  Stay safe and be careful with this wild weather.

The Newsletter for March is going to run parallel with the wild and crazy weather happenings across the United States.  We will have articles on the weather, downright stupid behavior, great food presentation for our Grand-kids, a dash-cam going places it should not be, meerkats, awesome people, and many other articles to get your intellectual juices flowing and in some cases - just to scratch your head!  So depending where you live, grab a cold/hot drink, get your snow gear/shorts, t-shirt, and flip flops on, get comfortable and...  “Let’s Talk.”

                                                                                    Hooah, Hugs, & Enjoy,

 “Want To Know The Weather?” contributed by Gary Rocklage
[Checkout where our classmates leave.]

The People Vs. Winter” contributed by Linda (Wanke) Rapp
[An oldie, that hurts to watch - from the New Jersey shore: cold!)

You Can’t Fix Stupid!” contributed by Bob Graham
[Not in my wildest dreams, would I...]

Something For The Grand-kids, Star War Pancakes”  contributed by Gavin Graham
[My four year old!]

Hold On To Your Dash-Cam” contributed by Gary Rocklage
[I think this is another case of, can’t fix...stupid!]

The Meerkats”  contributed by Peggy Graham
[Ahh, they are so cute!]

People Are Awesome” contributed by Charlene (Wiper) Swenson
[At the end of the video - check out some of the other “awesome people.”]

Nature At It’s Best!” contributed by Bob Graham
[Nature is awesome!]

Old Time Football” contributed by Gary Rocklage
[Art Donovan is something else - old school!]

Things Are Changing” contributed by Bruce Ahlvin
[Some are already starting to exit!]

The Competitive Foursome” contributed by Maggie (Tubia) Horwitz
[They are outstanding!]

Tommy - I Do My Best” contributed by Kathy (Lanstyak) Sheffield
[If you are a golfer, you will appreciate this even more]

Corvette Heaven”  contributed By Bob Graham
[Those dreams truly never die!]

Some Animal Pictures” contributed by Rosanne (Cardinalli) Gotelli
[Such agreeable friends!]

One Word Pics” contributed by Gary Rocklage
[All great words!]

A Quiz You Should Get All Correct” contributed by Bruce Ahlvin
[Check these out - good test!]

Don’t Forget:

Happy Birthday and Anniversary to All March Classmates

March Dates to Remember:

1  ̶  National Pig Day - Peanut Butter Lovers' Day.
2  ̶  Old Stuff Day.
3  ̶  I Want You to be Happy Day - If Pets Had Thumbs Day - National Anthem Day - Peach Blossom Day.
4  ̶  Holy Experiment Day - Hug a GI Day.

5  ̶  Multiple Personality Day.
6  ̶  Dentist's Day - National Frozen Food Day - Employee Appreciation Day - National Salesperson Day.
7  ̶  National Crown Roast of Pork Day.
8  ̶  Be Nasty Day - International (Working) Women's Day.
9  ̶  Panic Day.
10  ̶  Middle Name Pride Day.

11  ̶  Johnny Appleseed Day - Worship of Tools Day.
12  ̶  Girl Scouts Day - Plant a Flower Day - Popcorn Lover's Day.
13  ̶  Ear Muff Day - Jewel Day.
14  ̶  Learn about Butterflies Day - National Potato Chip Day - National Pi Day.

15  ̶  Everything You Think is Wrong Day - Ides of March -  Incredible Kid Day - Dumbstruck Day.
16  ̶  Everything You Do is Right Day - Freedom of Information Day.
17  ̶  Submarine Day - Saint Patrick's Day.
18  ̶  Goddess of Fertility Day - National Agriculture Day - Supreme Sacrifice Day.
19  ̶  Poultry Day.

20  ̶  International Earth Day - Extraterrestrial Abductions Day -  Proposal Day.
21  ̶  Fragrance Day - National Quilting Day.
22  ̶  National Goof Off Day.
23  ̶  National Chip and Dip Day - Near Miss Day.
24  ̶  National Chocolate Covered Raisin Day.

25  ̶  Pecan Day - Waffle Day.
26  ̶  Make Up Your Own Holiday Day - National Spinach Day.
27  ̶  National "Joe" Day.
28  ̶  Something on a Stick Day.
29  ̶  National Mom and Pop Business Owners Day - Smoke and Mirrors Day.

30  ̶  National Doctor's Day - I am in Control Day - Take a Walk in the Park Day.
31  ̶  Bunsen Burner Day - National Clam on the Half Shell Day.

Keep Your Fork...’64, Bob Graham

PS:       Once again, thank you for your continuing support of the “Fork.”  We have are regular contingency of Classmates/Family/Friends of the Aragon Class of 1964 that submit articles each and every month.  Calling all Classmates that have been checking the Newsletter out for the last few years or are brand new to reading it  ̶  time to send in some articles or subject matter that interests you.  Once you start, it is real easy - give it a try.  Get your extended family members involved.  Thank you again, in advance!

             Hooah, hugs, & have an awesome March!
 Stay connected or get reconnected now – please! Bob



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